Berkeley University of California

  • ColWri2.1x - Principles of Written English

  • ColWri2.2x - Principles of Written English

  • ColWri2.3x - Principles of Written English

  • ColWri2.2x: English Grammar and Essay Writing

  • J4SC101x: Journalism for Social Change

  • ColWri2.3x: Academic and Business Writing

  • ColWri3.6x: Dracula by Stoker: BerkeleyX Book Club

Berklee College of Music

  • BCM-MB110x - Introduction to the Music Business

The University of Texas System

  • UT.8.01x - Jazz Apreciation

  • 9.01x: Effective Thinking Through Mathematics

  • 2.01x: Ideas of the 20th Century

  • UT.3.02x: Age of Globalization

  • LINK5.10x: Data, Analytics, and Learning

  • SOCI101x: Introduction to Sociology

  • IMAGINE99x: Reinvent yourself: Unleash your creativity

Harvard University

  • PH201x - Health and Society

  • HDS1544.1x - Early Christianity: Letters of Paul

  • SW25x: Global Health: Case Studies
    from a Biosocial Perspective

  • BUS5.1x: Innovating in Health Care

  • GSE1x: Unlocking the Immunity to Change:
    A New Approach to Personal Improvement

  • USW30x: Tangible Things

  • GSE2x: Leaders of Learning

  • HUM2.1x: The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours (Hours 1-5): Epic and Lyric

  • AmPoX.1: Poetry in America: The Poetry of Early New England

  • AmPoX.2: Poetry in America: Nature and Nation, 1700-1850

  • INTL301x: War for the Greater Middle East

  • PH555x: Improving Global Health: Focusing on Quality and Safety

  • SW47.1x: Entrepreneurship and Healthcare in Emerging Economies

  • HLS2x: From Trust to Promise to Contract

  • SW12.8x: China (Part 8): Creating Modern China: The Birth of a Nation

  • AmPoX.4: Poetry in America: Emily Dickinson

  • AmPoX.5: Poetry in America: The Civil War and Its Aftermath

  • HLS3x: JuryX: Deliberations for Social Change

  • USW30x: Tangible Things (new)

  • MUS24.2x: First Nights - Messiah

Wellesly College

  • ANTH207x - Introduction to Human Evolution

Linux Foundation

  • LFS101x: Introduction to Linux

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • 24.00x - Introduction to Philosophy: God,
    Knowledge and Consciousness

  • 11.126x - Introduction to Game Design

  • 11.132x: Design and Development of Educational Technology

  • 15.390.1x: Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer?

  • 11.133x: Implementation and Evaluation of Educational Technology

Learning by Giving

  • GWPx: Giving With Purpose

Davidson College

  • D002: Representations of HIV/AIDS

  • D004x: Electronic Literature

National Chiao Tung University


  • Energy103: Energy - The Technology You Must Know in the 21st Century

Cornell University

  • HIST1514x: American Capitalism: A History

  • PHIL2411x: The Ethics of Eating

ETH Zurich

  • FC-01x: Future Cities

  • FC-02x: Livable Future Cities

The University of Queensland - Australia

  • Crime101x: The Psychology of Criminal Justice

Universitat Politècnica de València

  • BMN101x: Bases Matemáticas: Números y terminología

  • RA201x: Retos de la agricultura y la alimentación en el siglo XXI

  • BMA101x: Bases Matemáticas: Álgebra

  • VF201x: Valoracion de futbolistas con el metodo AHP

  • DC201x: Dynamics and Control

  • BI101x: Buscar en Internet

  • GM201x: Implantar grupos de mejora de procesos

  • AIP201x: Android: Introduccion a la programacion

  • FCO201x: Fundamentos de comunicaciones ópticas

  • TE201x: Tecnologías para la educación

  • BSP101x: Learn Spanish: Basic Spanish for English Speakers

  • GP201x: Gestión participativa (High Involvement Work Practices)

  • IQ101.3x: Formulación y nomenclatura de compuestos químicos

  • ISC101.2x: Information Systems and Computer Applications, Part 2: Hardware

St. Margarets Episcopal School

  • COL101x: The Road to Selective College Admissions

  • ASLCx: Advanced Spanish Language and Culture


  • ILX1: Inclusive Leadership Training: Becoming a Successful Leader

  • IL3x: Inclusive Leadership Training: Maximizing Work-Life for Your Success

  • IL4x: Inclusive Leadership Training: Get Beyond Work-Life Balance

Université Catholique de Louvain

  • Louv4x: Ressources naturelles et développement durable

  • Louv2x: International Human Rights

  • Louv11x: Découvrir le marketing

University of Toronto

  • LA101x: Library Advocacy Unshushed

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

  • IDB2x: Better pensions – Better jobs

  • IDB4x: Liderando el Desarrollo Sostenible de las Ciudades

  • IDB1x: Introduccion a la Gestion para Resultados en el Desarrollo

  • IDB6x: Project Management for Development Professionals

  • IDB3x: Agua en América Latina: abundancia en medio de la escasez mundial - Curso desarrollado en colaboración con la Universidad de los Andes de Colombia

  • IDB4.1x: Liderando o desenvolvimento sustentável das cidades

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

  • Quijote501x: La España de El Quijote

University of Adelaide

  • Wine101x: World of Wine: From Grape to Glass

  • Code101x: Think. Create. Code

  • Cyber101x: Cyberwar, Surveillance and Security


  • DEV201x: Introduction to TypeScript

  • DEV202x: Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure - Part 1

  • CLD201x: Introduction to Office 365 APIs

  • DEV202.2x: Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure – Part 2

  • DEV202.2x: Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure – Part 3

  • DEV201x: Introduction to TypeScript (recent)

  • INF201.12x: Introduction to Windows Server

  • 205x: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

  • INF201.13x: Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • DEV206.1x: Introduction to XAML and Application Development

  • DEV209.2x: Developing Windows 10 Universal Apps – Part 2

  • INF201.21x: Implementing Microsoft Windows Server Disks and Volumes

  • INF201.22x: Optimizing Microsoft Windows Server Storage

Harvey Mudd College

  • CS001x: MyCS: Computer Science for Beginners

Karolinska Institutet

  • KIeHealthX: eHealth - Opportunities and Challenges

Colgate University

  • GW101x: Greeks at War: Homer at Troy

Open Education Consortium

  • TESS101x: Enhancing teacher education through OER

Smithsonian Institution

  • USHIS1.1x: Objects That Define America

University of Notre Dame

  • TH120.1x: Jesus in Scripture and Tradition

The University of Hong Kong

  • HKU03x: Humanity and Nature in Chinese Thought

TU München

  • QEMx: Quality Engineering and Management

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

  • OM101.1x: Introduction to Operations Management - I

The University of Tennessee

  • BIRDS101.1x: Pet Birds 101: Introduction to Avian Care and Medicine for the Pet Bird Enthusiast

México - Secretaría de Educación Pública

  • UPEVIPN03x: Administración de Proyectos de Tecnologías de la Información

  • UPN001x: Violencia en la Escuela. Herramientas para su análisis e intervención

  • UPN002x: Educación intercultural. Perspectivas interdisciplinarias

Amnesty International

  • Rights1x: Human Rights: The Right to Freedom of Expression

Australian National University

  • RSIT-01x: How to Survive Your PhD

Ku Leuven University

  • EUHURIx: The EU and Human Rights


  • GROOCx: Social Learning for Social Impact

Delft University of Technology

  • NGIx: The Next Generation of Infrastructure




Ministério Fiel

University of Princeton

Instituto Politécnico de Leiria

Atelier Digital

National HealthCare Provider Solutions

Postgraduate Institute of Medicine - PIM




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